Forensic Sciences

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Forensic sciences

In 1 Corinthians 15:39 we are told that “all flesh is not the same flesh, but there is one kind of flesh of men, another flesh of beast, another of fish and another of birds.” Early scientist found that all flesh contained a basic substance called protoplasm. They jumped to the conclusion that all protoplasm was the same therefore all cells were the same. But according to the findings of modern science, Paul was right. Parke Davis has produced a reagent they call “anti-human precipitin.” This is used in the scientific branches of Law Enforcement Agencies to help in forensic investigations. The need to distinguish human flesh from animal flesh confirmed Paul’s statement. The Forensic scientist is now able to show the difference between one flesh, and all other kinds. They solve crimes and prove the guilt or innocence of those charged with them. How did Paul know this, when the scientists of a hundred years ago got it so wrong?

Why did Paul say there is a difference in the flesh of humans, of beasts and birds? He was arguing with those who claimed there was no resurrection. They said you cannot raise a body from the grave once it is dust again. He describes creation, and the way things are made, to prove it can. You cannot say, “Since I cannot understand it, or I cannot do it, it cannot be done. That is a foolish argument. Much of scripture is explaining things we do not understand. So there is no surprise when God mentions something only he could know.

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Pathogens –

Invisible in the atmosphere and found on dust, in water, in all foods, and contaminating every physical substance on earth, there are millions of pathogenic organisms that cause suffering and sickness in the human body. These tiny creatures called germs or bacteria, are so microscopic the human eye cannot see them unless they are magnified in the lens of a high-powered microscope. It is impossible that any human being could have known of the presence of these disease causing organisms until Louis Pasteur proved their reality in the last few hundred years. It is interesting to note that everyone of science in his day opposed his ideas when they emerged, and it was many years before his information was accepted.

But now that we know of their existence, and have the science of Bacteriology that studies their nature, structure, substance and organization, doctors make a fetish of washing and sterilizing. You have no doubt seen surgeons preparing to enter the Operating Theater. The first stage in the preparation, after they have gowned themselves in a white or green robe and covered their hair with a surgical cap, is to spend time washing their hands from fingertips to elbows with hot water and special detergents, until their hands are as sterile as they can be. These clean hands are then wrapped in a sterile towel so they may not be contaminated by the air, and the nurse binds over the doctor’s mouth and nose a sterile gauze pad.

Many of these Pathogens ride on the human breath. They cannot pass through the layers of gauze in the face mask, and are trapped and rendered innocuous.

A microcopic view of micro objects with depth of field.



Quarantine –

Leviticus 13:45 “And the leper in whom the plague is, his clothes shall be rent, and his head bare, and he shall put a covering upon his upper lip, and shall cry, Unclean, unclean.” It says the man with the contagious disease, to prevent the spread of this disease was to bind a cloth across his upper lip as the doctors wear their masks today. It is to avoid the spread of germs that would cause their companions to share the disease.

Now the question is: How did Moses know this was the way to prevent the spread of this infectious disease? He had never seen a germ and did not know what bacteria meant. He advises in Leviticus of the washing and scouring of bowls and breaking of earthen bowls that have been in the same house as one that had an infectious disease.

These measures were put into operation three thousand years ago. They were advised to quarantine people with certain diseases to prevent the spread throughout the community. How did they know this measure would be of any use? The SARS scare of recent time was contained only by employing these measures. So we ask again: How did Moses know?

The answer is of course God told him about them. He did not tell him what they did and how it all worked, but he told him how to prevent the spread of infection. No one could have known that about germs when this record was written.


Experten geben Entwarnung nach Quarantäne

One blood

One blood –

Paul said “God has made of one blood all nations of men that dwell on the face of the earth.” Adolf Hitler’s Scientists in the 1930’s tried hard to show this statement by Paul was false. They claimed that Aryan blood was superior to all other blood, and Jewish blood needed to be wiped out, because it was degenerate. Doctors and Professors argued over this for years, until the matter was resolved in scientific tests.

All rules about racial discrimination are enacted because of the moral force of the discovery that “God has made of one blood all nations on the face of the earth.” It is impossible to tell the difference between the blood of a German or a Jew, a Scot, an Irishman, a Mongolian or Asian. They all have just human blood. This statement is found in Acts 17:36.

Hitler and the German people put six million Jews to death because he wanted to rid the earth of what he called human vermin. They were classed as vermin because they were according to his scientists, by nature of lesser quality. He began a system where Aryan women mated with selected Aryan men to produce “The Master” race of humans, to take the Third Reich into the Age of Glory that would last one thousand years. During the Olympic Games held in Germany in 1936 Hitler snubbed Jesse Owens, the American African who won the one hundred meters race against his superior German athletes. This was because to accept his win would show his theory was wrong. This is only eighty years ago.




Bloodletting –

Leviticus 17:11, 14. “the life of the flesh is in the blood.” It is possible to read medical journals a few generations old and discover the profound ignorance on the subject of the blood its purpose and function.

It was the practice to bleed patients, with one author suggesting in bloodletting it is necessary to carefully measure and weigh the blood taken out of one arm, so the same amount may be taken out of the other. This is essential to prevent an imbalance occurring between the right and left side of the patient. We find their ignorance amusing, but men of science a few generations ago made assumptions and patients died under their care. But three thousand years ago medical science was given information about the human body and they chose to ignore it. To press the message home we remind everyone of how far we have come in medical science. Had we worked on the basis that scripture was from God, we could have been in possession of this information much earlier, and provided useful medical advice to our patience.

Every doctor has a pathology clinic close by, and samples of blood are taken of all who consult them, to discover how much life is left in the body, or what measures are needed to prolong life expectancy.


Blood letting

The dust of the ground

Dust of the ground –

Genesis 2:7 has some information of a scientific nature to reveal. It tells us “God formed man out of the dust of the ground.” Chemists have now found the human body consists of fourteen elements and the dust of the earth contains these identical elements.

Genesis claims we are made of dust, and when we die we return to dust again. Until they could examine the elements that make up the human frame, there was no way to verify this claim. Now we know the statement is correct. It was a statement made by the only one who could know, and that is the one who made man of the dust of the ground.


cacao in polvere

The frozen region

The frozen region –

Another bit of science taken from scripture is found in Job 26:7 it tells us; “He stretches out the north over the empty place.” The northernmost point on the earth’s surface is the geographic North Pole, also known as true north. It is found at 90° North latitude and all lines of longitude converge at the pole. The earth’s axis connects the north and south poles, as it is the line around which the earth rotates.

The North Pole is about seven hundred and twenty five kilometers north of Greenland in the middle of the Arctic Ocean. The sea there has a depth of four thousand and eighty seven meters. Most of the time sea ice covers the North Pole, but recently water has been sighted at the exact location of the pole. If you are standing at the North Pole, all points are south of you (east and west have no bearing). Since the earth’s rotation takes place once every twenty four hours, if you are at the North Pole your speed of rotation is slow at almost no speed at all, compared with the speed at the equator of about one thousand and thirty eight miles per-hour.

Robert Peary and his partner Matthew Henson, and four Inuit are credited with being the first to reach the North Pole on April 9th 1909. Many suspect that they missed the pole by a few miles. In 1958, the United States nuclear submarine Nautilus was the first vessel to cross the North Pole. Today, dozens of planes fly over the North Pole using great circle routes between continents.

It is of recent time that men have been there. It is just ice over water. It is nowhere. It is an empty place. So the question is; how did Job know this? It was too cold and isolated, and under the ice is just water. And they did not have instruments to tell where it was. They knew the earth turned on an axis and the Northern axis was somewhere out there. This information could only be known by God.


The empty placeNorth Pole


Ice –

Job 37:10 By the breath of God frost is given: and the breadth of the waters is straitened. This is how water is straitened. The word means hedged in or prevented from moving. Ice can form from frost, which is a vapor, with no intervening liquid phase. An unusual property of ice frozen at atmospheric pressure is the solid is around nine percent less dense than liquid water. Ice is the only known nonmetallic substance to expand when it freezes. The result of these properties is that ice floats on liquid water, which is an important factor in Earth’s climate. It has been argued that natural bodies of water would freeze from the bottom up without this property, resulting in the annual loss of wildlife and vegetation. Sea ice is formed over water at one point eight degrees centigrade because of the salt content of the water.

Antarctic Glacier

If God had not made the ice to float then we would not survive on the planet. And Job claims God has not revealed himself to his creatures? It should be obvious God made it so we will survive. This is a God who cares for creation.

On the same subject we have another mention of ice. Job 38:30 The waters are hid as [with] a stone, and the face of the deep is frozen. It can be inconvenient. To fish you need to cut a hole, but once you have chosen your spot there is no need to throw a line, you just dangle it. We have just discussed why it floats? And while we may not understand how important that is to our survival it does play an important part in our world. So instead of seeing it as a nuisance as we always do, it would be more sensible to see it as a blessing. The kind of blessing you cannot do without. God knew we would realize what a blessing it is, and this is why he mentions it again here.

Winter background from snowflakes



Snow –

In Job 38:22 it asks; “hast thou entered into the treasures of the snow?” Nobody could know about the treasures of the snow until the microscope came into use a short time ago. Every crystal of snow is a definite design of exquisite beauty, yet no two are exactly alike. Imagine the most intricate jewelry that man can create. Imagine it all gathered in one place at one time. Measure its value. Stand in awe of its majesty and beauty, and know that one mound of snow, that melts before the sun, could put it all to shame for intricacy and splendor.

Once a droplet has frozen, it grows in the water-saturated air, when the temperature remains below the freezing point. The droplet then grows by condensation of water vapor onto the ice surfaces. The exact details of the sticking mechanism remain controversial. The individual ice crystals often have hexagonal symmetry. Although the ice is clear, scattering of light by the crystal facets and hollows mean the crystals often appear white. The shape of the snowflake is determined broadly by the temperature and humidity at which it is formed. The most common snow particles are visibly irregular, although near-perfect snowflakes may be more common in pictures because they are more visually appealing. No two snowflakes are alike. This is because of the 10,000,000,000,000,000,000 water molecules which make up a snowflake grow at different rates and in different patterns depending on the changing temperature and humidity in the atmosphere the snowflake falls through on its way to the ground.

No person could have known about the treasures of the snow until the microscope came into use and the snow’s treasures revealed.

Men do not bother to challenge it, they just ignore it. It is obvious, but they dismiss it as if it means nothing. The problem is man’s honesty. He is just not true. If you are true you will not ignore this, you will accept it is evidence of God, and take proper steps to recognize it.


Winter background from snowflakes    Antarctic Glacier


Hail –

Job 38:22 “or hast thou seen the treasures of the hail,” Like other precipitation, hail forms in storm clouds when super-cooled water droplets freeze on contact with dust or dirt. The storm’s updraft blows the hailstones to the upper part of the cloud. The updraft scatters and the hailstones fall down, back into the updraft, and are lifted again. Hail has a diameter of five millimeters or more. Stones just larger than golf-ball-sized are one of the most often reported hail sizes. Hailstones can grow to fifteen centimeters and weigh more than half a kilogram. In large hailstones, latent-heat released by further freezing may melt the outer shell of the hailstone. The hailstone then may undergo ‘wet growth’, where the liquid outer shell collects other smaller hailstones. The hailstone gains an ice layer and grows increasingly larger with each ascent. Once a hailstone becomes too heavy to be supported by the storm’s updraft, it falls from the cloud.

The word treasure is “depository” or “cellar” and carries the idea of a place where they are held. Hail is not beautiful to behold like snow-flakes. They are not like treasure. But they were a mystery to Job, and recent science has described the vault where it is kept.

Big ice balls hail