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It is in the eye of the beholder. We mean by this a pig does not see the flower bed as a thing of beauty, but a source of food. We do not share much with the pig. It forces the comparison though. If we see it as beautiful then ask of its provenance. Where did it get the beauty? Make a list in your mind of things you find beautiful and explore why you think it is beautiful. Listen to the music, and if it is beautiful find out where it came from, and ask if it is the individual sounds, or the combination of notes and timing and melodies and harmonies. Try to compose it. Stick at it until you duplicate it, or come up with a similar sound. If you fail to produce anything, admit is requires a focus or talent you do not have, and marvel at those who have it. Then ask where did they get it.

The answer will usually be, after much sweat and tears. They honed their creative skills. Practice over and over and build the expertise. Then enjoy what you can produce. If you know another way than please share, for what we all want to do, is produce something beautiful.

How do we marshal our thoughts?

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With great precision. Focus is what it takes. Move cautiously from one point to the next building on what you have established is true. Ask the right questions, the ones that lead to something real. A good starting point is what we see all around that we can touch and know and trust. The can be assumptions in this and everything must be tested against what is logical and trustworthy. Test it and move on. There will be other tests as you progress and you may need to revisit something you resolved you could trust to be true. But this does not need a complete turn-around, just a shift of direction. Adjust and move forward again. You gather momentum and confidence, and soon you are making strides in the right direction.

Avoid being bogged down in the detail, for this will sap your energy. Discovery is the name of the game, and detail will require you to answer everything. This is not necessary. You just need to be sure the direction is right. If it was easy, everyone would do it.

This is what we do for our own peace of mind. This is who we are, and who we want to be.


Do not lose the joy

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If all the looking and striving is at the expense of joy, as it may easily be for the scientist whose hypothesis gobbles up all his time and energy, or the miner who spends so much of his life chasing a dream and never quite reaching the goal. We have a plan that includes laughter and friendship and family and enjoyment. Pursuing the dream at the expense of these necessary things is part of the darkness. We can do better than that. The man who claims wealth is the goal and these other things are what it costs is not a smart man, just a stubborn and selfish one. He lacks balance. He is burdened down with baggage he does not need to carry. Work out how to do it without carrying everything on your shoulders. Find a safe place to put it down, and move forward with what you need to complete the next task.

There are two rules that apply in life that if we ignore we will be hampered. Number one is; be honest, for anything less is a lie and will mislead us. The other is; do not ignore the obvious. The temptation to ignore the obvious is the most difficult to observe, because it goes to our prejudice, or the baggage we cannot let go. Honesty is the key then, because we look at everything to see if it is true. One of the things honesty insists on, we need to realize we are severely limited. Our brains are large and can soar to great heights, but time to explore everything is not enough. This is what a limit is and it means we need to marshal our thoughts.

We do not want darkness


We pride ourselves with having a plan, unlike the airheads who do not care. It is important to know what we are doing and where we are going. Time is against us because it passes quickly, and a real strategy for getting something done involves a long time. Work out who we are and what we want from life. It is usually family home and garden, children and grandchildren. And this is enough to fill one life time. The energetic take on music in one of its many forms or teaching or entertainment, and then there are many occupations. But these allow you to grow and survive. They do not fill in details of why. They are more how and when. We need to get to the why.

How do we do this and have we got time. We need to make time for this because we want to see through the darkness. We can ignore it, and many do, but it is terribly sad at the end when there is nothing there, just resigned disappointment. It can be different, and we must have a way to resolve the big questions. We can follow the crowd, as many believe they have the answers, or we can stand apart from the crowd and have a reasoned view. Many reach the too hard stage and settle for a dusk like dark fog, satisfying themselves of progress. But a fog is still dark, and the view is obscure. We know what day and light is, and it is not wrong to want that clarity.

We know the world offers clarity. It screams out the answers are there to be found. But it also makes it clear that knowing the answers that few come to, involves effort. We will make the time for this is important. We have the intelligence and drive to put in the extra. We want it like the miner wants hidden treasure, in an eccentric and obsessive way.

A good argument

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There is nothing wrong with a good argument. It can be exhilarating. You must marshal your forces though. Get a list of the most unanswerable questions, and fire them off one at a time in the gentlest way you can. Try not to spray them around like a scatter gun, you might slay your opponent, and that is not what you want to do. Not immediately anyway. You want to see how they manage under fire. Winning is not the answer. Persuading is much better. You want to know what they have in the way of ammunition because this has become a quest, a challenge where you arrive at your goal of knowing.

Knowing is a nice place to be. There is only light, and no darkness. You have dispelled darkness. But you are not there yet. All you have done is stopped lying. The quest will go on for some time.

Why do we do it? Darkness is terrifying, you cannot see where you are, or where you need to go. Carry a torch with a long life battery because you will need it. Your torch is an open and enquiring mind. You are not a part of the dark: you are trying to find your way in the dark. Others do not mind darkness and are willing to bump into each other as they slowly feel their way. Imagine having light all round and moving quickly

Write down the date


We speak of the day you decided to stop lying. Try to hold that position, and you will find life becomes more enjoyable. You may fail, but you have made a mission statement, and to the best of your ability this is where you stand. Do not be afraid to say; I do not believe that, or, you might like to consider this. That way you are not pushing someone else’s cart. Let them push their cart up the hill.

You can start a conversation by saying; on the 27th of July 2016 I decided to stop lying about that subject. This will open up a new range of interesting discussion, for you can be reasonably sure your discussion partner has not made a commitment like that. They will ask why. You can tell of your reservations, and conflict does not enter into it.

I recommend you start moving toward an answer, because it is a light to see where you are going. It is not comfortable to stay in the dark, but a lie is darkness, so move away from that. Remain open and you will learn, for they will make their best case, and that is what you want. You may have never encountered a person who comes back with a good question before. Most offer ridicule and astonishment that you have not come to the same conclusion they have, and it gets awkward. Not unmanageable just argumentative.

What do we do


I will not trust anyone to decide this question for me. They have so much baggage they carry; we cannot trust them to be true about anything. So question everything they claim. Make up your own mind what is true. I know; we cannot even trust ourselves to be true, so where do we start? Stop arguing a position until we know what we are talking about. Declare ourselves to be in a neutral until we have the proof. Tell people we are undecided for the evidence is not all in. Be true to yourself. Tell them you are confused about the answer because you are not in a position to decide one way or the other. That is a good start.

You could say; I lean toward this, or I lean toward that, but at least you do not add to the big lie at the sub-strata of both views. If the religious people claim we are true and you can trust us, they support the lie, because you cannot trust them. If the scientist claims evolution is true and you can trust us to lead you to the answer to all things, then he or she supports the lie. They have not answered any of the hard questions. They claim assumptions are fact, when they know it is not true.

Survival of the fittest

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When I was a teenager we debated whether life forms progressed because they were the ones best suited to survive. The argument died because it was not true. The least likely survived, and the strong struggled to hold their percentage on the survivor table. We discarded the obviously wrong hypothesis. So we add to the ever changing list of theories that explain our being.  There is a pattern to these theories and it always comes down to finding a way to deny creation. There are two options. It happened by chance, or it happened by design. To put it into words we discuss today, it evolved or was created.

With all inhabitants of the earth choosing one or other of the two alternative views we need to look at those who champion each cause. On the one hand we have the religious leaders of our world. Can we rely on their view of the answer? If we take religious leaders to mean church hierarchy, we must admit, all of them push a line which protects the integrity of the church more then they protect the people in the church. What they allow appals everyone. The good is offset by what is bad about the institutions supported by the church, so we ask: can they claim to be right about anything?

Now it emerges the scientists who claim evolution is true must defend their right to have a view when they tell us the fossils are 65 million years old, when the evidence suggests they are only a few thousand years old. The debate on this will rage over a long and protracted period, but we need to ask; can we trust these people to just give us the facts.

People want what they want

By Michelle Brea
By Michelle Brea

It does not matter if it is true or not. And yet everyone sends the signal that truth matters. It is not the truth that matters, but that you accept the person who said it has integrity. We cannot live without impressing others. So your impression of me is more important than if what I say is true. If you think I think it is true, that is good enough. I cannot have you thinking I believe a lie. That entitles you to think less of me, and I cannot have that.

This is why we argue our position so strenuously. People need others to believe they have beliefs, and their position can stand along with all the rest. But then some people will not stop looking till they find what is true. The key is: do not ignore the obvious, which comes down to our personal honesty. A person will change their view to hold on to honesty. There is no shame in changing our position to get closer to the truth. A fool will hold the line in the face of facts. A wise person will check the facts, to see if they hold up against known logic.

One person’s logic is another’s nonsense, so it is subjective. We carry much baggage around with us. Let go of the burden we lug around and take a simple approach. If soft tissue decays more quickly than hard substances, and soft tissue still exists, then as old as it seems, the fossil is not very old. No one opens the fossil to see the state of preservation inside, because it destroys what is the main feature of the fossil, it’s size and shape. We like to identify it as a creature that was once a living organism. If we opened all we would find many have soft tissue remaining meaning they are only a few thousand years old at the most. Certainly not 65 million years old.

The money

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We should stop maligning scientists. They just do their job. The complaint is; the job they do is not true to the mission statement. Incorporated in their charter is the obligation to be true. The community is led to believe they met the challenge of only dealing with facts. If facts are false, the structure crumples. Much money and time is given to scientific endeavour. Businesses allocate funds to research to assure the public their company and products can be trusted. Should scandal arise in any part of the science industry all science suffers. Credibility is lost in an industry that only exists because it is true.

But charlatans have always been present, and they happily hold on to the shirt tails of the scientific community. People who believe in snake oil cures will always be present. What it means is: we must do some investigating ourselves, or become gullible fools.

If soft tissue degrades in sun light in days, we have the science to extrapolate the removal of light and contaminates and decay over time, and come to a reasonable expectation of the length of time it will take for organic substance to degrade into dust particles. Part of the calculation will be the likelihood of a scientist being corrupted by removal of his wage, if he does not hold the preferred line of scientific theory. Money is a serious concern and Business has been known to spend billions to buy support for the cart they push and also threaten removal of billions from those who betray the story they want told.