Books for sale

The books for sale can be found at Just enter the 66 books by barry bowen and they will appear. You will find them in the shop and listed here as Pages with a summary of the subject. You must order them if you want a printed copy because I must get them printed for you.

You will notice the books are a series that are part of the 66 books of the Bible. If you ever wanted to know what God is saying, then here is your chance to do it. They are easy to read, just as easy as my posts, and just as obviously true.

I am going to run seventy daily posts on “The Preacher” soon. It is the first book of the Bible that you must read. It tells us “why” and that is what everyone wants to know. So in seventy days you will have read and understood one of the books of the Bible. That is worth having.

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