John –

John is a special person, and this is a special book. That it is necessary to write this way is witness to the God we serve. He will abundantly pardon. We have no idea of the one we worship until we see it in this book. There are other books that show the same, but none like this one.

This is the book everyone keeps when they throw the others away. They do not know what they do, because they do it for the wrong reason. I hope after this reading of John we put it back together with the other sixty five and call it all “The Word of God.”

If we knew how guilty the leaders of Israel were, we would not look kindly on them. The Isaiah chapter and the book show how guilty they are, and still imply that God can abundantly pardon. That is quite amazing, and we need to know how that works.


The cover image shows a judge who wants to issue a pardon.
This is a judge who has a pleasant surprise for the accused.