Malachi –

This book is brutely frank, and if you were not aware, then you need to read it again. It is only four chapters long, so we have no reason to believe we cannot get to the bottom of it. Not many times are we told everyone has it wrong. This time we get told in no uncertain terms. We need to wait for the argument to see the issue. We need to listen to the argument for it affects everything we do.

This book will reveal more about us than we want to know. But what we want and what we need are two different things. What we need is to be true. It would be good if what we need and what we want are the same. We would be getting somewhere then.

The cover photos show a man in a rage. All he wants is for you to back down and admit he is right. This unpleasant incident can be over if only you will admit to being wrong. The sooner you bow to his wishes the sooner he will get out of your face. Delay and he will explode.

The message of Malachi is: “take heed to your spirit” and just ask yourself the question, am I right about this, or am I just angry because this is who I am. If you take heed to your spirit you will calm down and begin to apply reason. The idea that you are angry makes you wrong, no matter what the argument is about. The image you project will ensure you receive an equal and opposite response. How much good is that going to have?


The cover image is of an angry man.
He looks as if he has good reason to be angry.