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The Preacher

The Preacher –

This is the first book to study when we come to “The 66 Books” because it settles why we believe what we believe. We need to resolve this, because it affects what we make of the other books. It is called “The Preacher” because it is putting forward matters worth thinking about. If a person tells you “all is vain” he is looking for a reaction, and he is expecting a negative one. The idea is hard to accept. It claims we will have difficulty finding satisfaction. If it is not fulfilling, then we must ask: what is the best way to spend the time we have? The Preacher will help with that. It is an argument, and we must enter in to the discussion with the right spirit. If he can convince us, we will change. If we are determined not to change, we have abandoned reality.

The Preacher has a message that will make the case we are carrying easier to hold. It will keep us cool while we expend all the energy. It will explain what is happening, and give us a solution to all our problems. It will allow us to focus on what is important and what is not, and it will give us a better life.

The image is of a business man running to catch the wind.
He needs to run because it is getting away from him.