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Titus –

Titus was a special person assigned a special job. He managed to do it where others would have failed. He had to change the culture of those he was supposed to help, which is an assignment few would try. That it had to be done is obvious, for there is no way these people can practice godliness if they continue the way they normally behave. Those who think culture cannot or must not change, need to think it through. If it clashes with what is true, then it must change.

The culture needed to change for there was a pecking order that allowed abuse of things that are true. He had to educate the people so they adopted new values and threw away the old ones. If the believer community has no hierarchy, the leaders must adopt godly measure for resolving issues. A patriachal or matriacal social system is all very well, but those people must know what the truth requires. They cannot enforce their will on everyone because of their authority. They must convince people that they know what is right.

The image on the cover shows three bars of gold bullion.
We know how precious gold is.