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Zephaniah –

If you are getting the best this world has to offer, and cannot wait to wake up and do it again, you are out of sync. with the people here. They have had enough. This is not what they hoped it would be. There is disappointment and frustration, and those things take away the enjoyment. There is struggle and tragedy where the pain is more than we can bear. These people know what it can be like, and they want the change to come. The waiting tears them apart. We make what we can of what we have, and we do not complain, but when you know what the change means, it is hard to wait.

If we are all like an unclean thing, then we all have a problem that must be solved. For some to say: we are clean, or clean enough, is to challenge the judge, of what is and is not clean. If God tells us we are unclean then we need to accept this, and take steps to rectify the position. We are talking about the judge of the earth, and his assessment of our standing before him.


The cover image shows a pair of dirty hands in need of a wash.
If your hands are like this you go straight to the washroom.