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Here are all the books currently available. They are available from www.amazon.com, just enter “The 66 Books by barry bowen” and they will all appear. I am working on the others.

The image shows a standard bearer plying his trade.
What happens when the standard bearer faints??


The image shows Jesus speaking to the people.
Parables of the Messiah


The cover image is of the tombs of the Egyptians and the doves we always use.
They made a covenant with death.
The image is of a butterfly showing all the splender of creation.
Everything God made is beautiful.
The image is of a lady who has just come from the shower.
She feels good because she is washed and clean
The image shows a Sphinx representing the wisdom of the Egyptians
The princes of Zoan are become fools.


The cover image shows people of different nations united.
These people are joined in fellowship.


The image is of the Judge standing to announce his verdict.
He is about to announce his verdict.
The image on the cover shows three bars of gold bullion.
We know how precious gold is.
The image is of a pile of books suggesting the 66 that make up the Bible.
This covers all the chapters of Isaiah.
The cover image shows many books piled high.
God’s view of the order of the books
The image is of a business man running to catch the wind.
He needs to run because it is getting away from him.
The book cover shows a scientist in protective gear going about the research
This is a challenge
The image is of a man who cannot see
This man is only temperarily blind


The image is of cattle feeding contentedly. They are for the Altar.
Comfort ye my people
The cover image is of a lady playing sweet music.
This is a prophetic parable
the cover image shows a woman equal to the glossy covers.
Nothing is out of place.
The image is of Jewish children and their protector.
They tried to return.
The cover image shows a Diner ready for the meal.
God’s servants are special and they will eat while the others go hungry.


The cover image shows steps we must take to be godly.
The fifteen steps to salvation.
The image is of a lady using sign language to get her message across
The message comes in a different language
The cover image shows a tank ready for battle.
They should have done what was expected.
The image shows a hangmans knot to depict the way Haman intended to slay Mordicai.
It is a bit gruesome but so is the story.
The cover image shows a new thresher ready for work.
This is a new threshing instrument with teeth.
The cover image shows a lady comfortable in her religion.
Nobody knows why this image is used here. We need to know why.
The cover image shows a judge who wants to issue a pardon.
This is a judge who has a pleasant surprise for the accused.


The cover image is of a person expressing sorrow.
This is sadness.


The image shows several army leaders ready to engage their combined enemy.
There are several armies joined to do battle here.
The image is of a man in prayer to God.
This is a reverent man
The cover image is of an angry man.
He looks as if he has good reason to be angry.
The cover image shows Jewish slaves being taken captive.
Slaves being carted away.
The cover image shows the world from a satellite where her decendants live.
The choice she made was the right one.
The cover image shows a pair of dirty hands in need of a wash.
If your hands are like this you go straight to the washroom.
The cover image shows an erupting volcano.
We need to stay well away from the volcano.