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This is a message to Israel about Israel in the end days. This is our own history. Everyone alive today can verify the subject, because they were there when it happened or they heard the report from an eye witness. If you say: that is nonesence then all I ask is that you examine the information and then decide. It is the wrong spirit to decide before you examine the evidence. The prophet who tells the story had to have his lips seared with coals off the altar before he could tell it. If as the readers we are not even going to be true then what is the point? Just be true to the facts and you will get the message.

Amos is one of the prophets who spoke of the current era. The prophecy projected forward two thousand six hundred years, and our grandfathers were involved in making it happen. You will be amazed by the accuracy of the information, and inspired in the knowledge only God can tell future events.


The image is of Jewish children and their protector.
They tried to return.

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