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Joel brings end-day prophecy alive, because all who live in this world can see events unfolding just as the prophet claimed they would. The detail is unsettling. But we want to know about them, for we need to know. Israel was taken from the land, and Israel is back. They will tell you it is because they are a determined and resourseful people. Joel claims they are a protected people with a devine destiny. The world today is looking at a people under nuclear threat, whose enemies have pledged annihilation. Nobody expects Israel to survive because the odds are against them. Everyone fails to see they will survive because God has decreed it. Nobody believes God will save Israel for they are rejected. Then get the most brilliant Queen’s Counsels and put words together, because you must plead your cause before the judge of all the earth, and I for one do not like your chances.

It is no use imposing judicial constraints if you cannot enforce them. It is like a judge without prison officers and a Police Force. But if you give the enforcers more power because they need it, then a judge can impose any penalty he wants.

If God is going to bring all the nations of the world into the Courtroom and present a case against them, then he will need some people to provide the follow-on. A sovereign state is not going to bow to the dictates of a Court that does not have jurisdiction. The first order of business is to establish the right of the prosecution to bring the charge, and the second matter concerns how he will enforce an adverse finding. In Joel, God has signaled he will come up with an adverse finding.


The cover image shows a new thresher ready for work.
This is a new threshing instrument with teeth.

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